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                      Visit Us At:
                      300 Mill Street
                      Curtice, Ohio 43412

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                      We are located 5 miles
                      South of Maumee Bay State Park

                      Jungheinrich Forklift

                      For all Forklift needs, please contact Paul Ackerman


                      The George F. Ackerman Co. is proud to be a SIMPLICITY Dealer


                      Simplicity Lawn Equipment


                      The Ackerman Companies have both your Agricultural and Industrial Equipment covered whatever your needs may be. To see what each company specializes in simply click on either companies name at the top of the page.

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                      a chance to serve you.

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                      Material Handling-Forklifts-Industrial-Warehousing
                      P.O. Box 258, Curtice, OH 43412
                      Phone: 419-836-2100 Fax: 419-836-2040
                      Toll Free: 800-589-5842

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                      GEORGE F. ACKERMAN COMPANY
                      P.O. Box 157, Curtice, OH 43412
                      Phone: 419-836-7735 Fax: 419-836-2040
                      Toll Free: 800-497-1577

                      Irrigation Equipment
                      Planters & Harvesters
                      Orchard & Vineyard Equipment
                      Lawn Equipment
                      Parts & Service
                      Specials & Used Equipment

                      The Ackerman Companies offer high quality industrial equipment as well as agricultural, irrigation, orchard and vineyard equipment, nursery equipment, and turf equipment.

                      Call The Ackerman Companies for all of your specialized agricultural, material handling and allied equipment needs in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, as well as the surrounding states and Canada. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to provide our customers with low cost, high quality equipment and dependable replacement parts.

                      Contact the Ackerman Companies for all of your power equipment needs. To contact us for more information please click here or call us at the following phone numbers:


                      Ackerman Industrial Equipment George F. Ackerman Co.
                      Phone: 419-836-2100 Phone: 419-836-7735
                      Toll Free: 800-589-5842 Toll Free: 800-497-1577


                      The Ackerman Companies are open Monday through Friday and, in addition the George F. Ackerman Company is open Saturday morning.

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