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                      300 Mill Street
                      Curtice, Ohio 43412

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                      We are located 5 miles
                      South of Maumee Bay State Park

                      Our Products

                      Pivots By:

                      • Lindsay Corporation
                      • Zimmatic

                      Irrigation Pumps By:

                      • OCMIS
                      • Caprari
                      • Rovatti
                      • Berkeley
                      • Rainbow

                      Drip Irrigation By:

                      • T-Systems
                      • Netafim
                      • Point Source Irrigation

                      Irrigation Reels By:

                      • OCMIS
                      • Micro Rain

                      Megabooms By:

                      • Harnois

                      The George F. Ackerman Co. is ready and willing to handle all your irrigation needs. Please call:

                      Mark Ackerman

                      Ron Howell

                      Irrigation Equipment

                      Mark Ackerman - President and Irrigation Sales


                      For Irrigation Sales Assistance

                      Please Click Here to Contact

                      Mark Ackerman

                      President and Irrigation Sales

                      Phone: 419-836-7735


                      The George F. Ackerman is proud to be in the irrigation business. The following items are just a few of the many different irrigation products that we carry. You will find Lindsay Center Pivot systems, Harnois Megaboom Irrigation systems, as well as Berkely, Rainbow and OCMIS pumps. Drip irrigation is available from T-Tape, Netafim, Point Source and Roberts as well as Irrigation Reels from Microrain and OCMIS. Whatever your irrigation needs, The George F. Ackerman Company is your answer.

                      CENTER PIVOTS

                      Zimmatic Pivots

                      Lindsay Mini Pivots

                      IRRIGATION PUMPS

                      OCMIS - Irrigation Pump


                      OCMIS Irrigation Pump


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                      DRIP IRRIGATION


                      Also available for your
                      irrigation needs is

                      Salesman Ron Howell

                      He can be reached at


                      or click here to contact him by e-mail.

                      IRRIGATION REELS

                      Micro Rain Irrigation Reel

                      OCMIS Irrigation Reels

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