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                      Download our
                      Used Forklifts pdf

                      We have the right model at
                      the right price for Used Forklifts
                      within a 150 mile radius of Toledo Ohio.

                      Check out our used forklift inventory here

                      Over 20 years of selling and servicing dependable forklifts.

                      1. Are you in a jam and feel rushed into making a decision? 
                          Don’t….Call today for a rental with 100% of the rental fee applied to your next purchase.

                      2. Honest and accurate hour meter readings.

                      Paul Ackerman, President

                      3. Our definition of reconditioning forklifts means more than just a pretty paint job.

                      4. 52 point inspection before delivery.

                      5. All products purchased through us include a warranty, nothing is sold "as-is."

                      6. Our prices include delivery within 150 miles of Toledo, including weekly runs to      Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit.

                      7. Free 2 day demos to qualified customers on in-stock forklift models.

                      8. We'll work with our customers on several flexible financing options.

                      9. At Ackerman Industrial Equipment, it's common to sell our customers a
                          dependable used forklift and never hear from them again

                      10. We'll offer to buy your old or excess forklifts.

                      Check out our used forklift inventory here





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